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Partner with Us

We’re delighted to now offer white-label online memorial, obituary and fundraising in memory solutions. If you represent a funeral home, crematorium, charity or grief support organization, partnering will provide you and your clients with a range of benefits.


No setup cost, no ongoing cost, no cost per memorial. Read on to learn more about how we can afford to do this…



White-label Online Memorials & Obituaries – Video Overview

Read on for more details on our partner program or get in touch



White-label Online Memorials – Partnership Details



Beautiful Tribute Partner

Funeral Home Directory



 Offer your clients the

Beautiful Tribute platform,

branded as your own >>





  • Create feature-rich & beautiful online memorials / obituaries for your clients or allow them to create it themselves.



  • Your website name will be integrated with ours e.g.



  • Your memorial platform will match your existing design and link structure, ensuring seamless navigation from the memorials sections and throughout your website








Home - Anderson Funeral Home 2013-12-10 13-40-20Completely integrate memorial information into other areas of your main website…



  •  Show a custom upcoming funeral feed and / or obituaries



  • Show recent tributes that have been paid to your client’s memorials



  • We’ll handle all the tech and customizations with zero fuss. We’re also on-hand to provide integration suggestions and advice




Key Benefits



  • White Label Online MemorialDevelop a new revenue stream through donations in memory or tribute sales



  • Your clients and the friends and family that are affected by a loss will have a valuable tool to help during bereavement



  • Expose your brand to a much wider network. Everyone that visits the memorial page will see your logo, your content and your links


  • Forget about the high cost associated with traditional obituary placement



  • The memorials you create will also be shown on Beautiful Tribute along with your logo


  • Your platform and main website will be linked to from Beautiful Tribute, increasing the ranking of your website in search engines due the authority of ours


  • Ability for clients to update, or even create a memorial themselves at any time so no need for you to be involved







Memorial Montetization

Partners can monetize their white-label memorial and obituary platform in a number of different ways:


  • For charities and non-profit groups, we can enable the ‘Donation in Memory’ feature. Every memorial page on your platform will have the option to fundraise in memory for your organization.



  • Charge for the creation of an online memorial / obituary as a separate item on your price list. The retail price per placement typically ranges from $35.00 to $75.00 or the equivalent in your local currency.



  • Add the cost of the obituary & memorial placement into your basic service charge.





Why Us?



Beautiful Tribute

  • There are no setup costs, no ongoing costs, and we handle technical support. Our only charge is a small percentage on funds raised in memory making this a risk-free opportunity



  • We offer an industry leading online memorial platform with the latest features. From memorial design customization to comprehensive privacy options and much more



  • You don’t have to worry about additional hosting costs or handling sudden spikes in traffic – we take care of that for you



  • Our memorials are respectful, sensitive and ad free



  • We’re passionate about ongoing innovation so that we can add maximum value to your organization




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