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Travis Head

Lovingly memorialized by Raj Evil on August 24, 2023

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Sam Tyler

Lovingly memorialized by Zachary Tyler on January 21, 2023

Sam Tyler passed away peacefully at home in Puyallup, Wa on Friday, the 13th, 2023, of natural causes, surrounded by his devoted family. Sam was born May 28th, 1943, in Torrance, Ca to Elmer Tyler and Margie McNally. Sam was born into a large family and as a young boy worked for his stepdad Max’s Electrical company wiring houses across the Puget Sound. Sam graduated from Lincoln High School in Tacoma, Wa in 1961 and soon thereafter enlisted in the Navy where he was assigned to the Destroyer USS Buchanan DDG14 stationed out of Bremerton, Wa. During his first Western Pacific tour of duty he caught the travel bug and a lifelong affinity for the sea. He often talked about the wonderous sites, sounds, and smells of 60s era Hong Kong. After the Navy he became a Journeyman Wireman of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local #76 in Tacoma, Wa. Right around this time he met and married his first wife Kathy and together they raised two boys.

A prominent figure in the construction industry for many decades Sam plied his craft all over the world. Sam also taught in the Apprenticeship Program at Bates Technical College in Tacoma where his students adored him and became lifelong friends. Sam loved to teach but he loved to build and travel even more. In the early 80s Sam worked on the WPPS nuclear powerplant where his crew broke records pulling cable. He also worked to build nuclear powerplants in the Philippines and Marshall Islands. For the next two decades Sam worked for the State Department as an award-winning Construction Manager building Embassies and Consulates in Italy, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Angola, and Mexico. While at his post in Moscow he met his second wife Aurea and they married in 2004.

A consummate adventurer Sam frequently traveled off the beaten path. When Sam worked in the Philippines, he spent weekends riding his motorcycle through the countryside and mountains. One afternoon his motorcycle ran out of gas in the jungle. He decided to hike out on foot and cut through the jungle bush. As nightfall approached, he thought he had a bit of good fortune when he came across a group of men making camp. He pulled out a bottle of rum from his pack and in the best Tagolag he could muster, Sam spent the night swapping stories and swigs by campfire. When dawn broke he was able to see the men in camp were heavily armed and he quickly realized he had stumbled into an insurgent hideout. Nonetheless, Sam had endeared himself, as he often did to those he met, and the men thanked him for the rum and sent him on his way with gas for his motorcycle.

Sam was the living embodiment of an American adventurer. He was an explorer, teacher, and the hardest working man you ever met. There won’t be another one like him. He filled our lives with immense curiosity and wonder. Words cannot express how much of a sense of emptiness remains with his passing.

He is survived by his sons, Zach Tyler and Scott Tyler; wife Aurea; and a host of other family members and friends. His parents predeceased him.

The family would like to thank the tremendously loving and caring people who cared for him in the last years of his life. A heartfelt thanks goes out to the 30th Ave Davita Dialysis, Dr. Beccora, Vineyard Park, and Young At Heart for their wonderful care of Sam.
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Regina Doyle

Lovingly memorialized by Brooke Tiano on January 20, 2023

Colleen "Regina" Doyle Wynne was born February 26, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York. She was 100% Irish and was very proud of her heritage. Regina's father's name was William John Doyle and her mother's name was Annie Gallgher. Her grandparents were Michael Doyle and Mary Keogh who came from Ireland. They settled in Brooklyn, New York on Kent Avenue. She had twelve brothers and sisters; Edward, William, Eileen, Joan, Anne, Gloria, Kathleen, Michael, Lorraine, Joseph, and Robert. Her family lived in Brooklyn, New York on Dekalb Avenue. She went to school at Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy in Richmond Hill, Queens, New York. As a student she enjoyed choir in church and rollerskating. Her ambition was to become a nun or a singer. As a young woman, she graduated from Lindenhurst High School in 1958. After graduation, she went to work for Pan American Airlines. She then met her husband James Michael Jermone Wynne Jr. at 17 years old through her girlfriends in Lindenhurst, New York. They married on April 8, 1961 and had two children. She had a son Brian Michael Wynne and daughter Eileen Mary Wynne. She had four beloved grandchildren; Kristine Michelle Wynne, Jennifer Colleen Wynne, Brooke Anne Tiano and Allison Rose Tiano who called her "nana" or "nana banana". She lived in Ormond Beach, Florida in her older years. She passed away in her home January 2023.

Some Of Regina's Favorite Things:

Her Quote: "Always be yourself, everyone else is taken"
Book: " A Tree Grows In Brooklyn"
Season: Fall
Vacation Spot: Rockaway Beach, New York
Holiday: Easter
Flower: Gardenia and Easter Lilly
Color: "Lavender"
Food: Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes
Subject In School: Music or History

Regina or "nana" who she was called by so many was a one-of-a-kind. She loved singing and music very much. Her grandchildren often were comforted by her soft hands while she sung nursery rhymes like "A You're Adorable by Dean Martin" to us and would spell the letters on our backs. She was a very comforting person who would really listen to what you were saying. She instilled in her granddaughters to always be yourself and to beat to your own drum. She was a short 5'2 Irish woman but she had so much heart you would never know how it could all fit into such a small stature. She had an unwavering love for god and her religion. I remember her carrying a purse full of prayer cards that she she would bring with her whenever she went even if it was just to the grocery store to pick up a bottle of Ginger Ale which was her favorite. At night time, you could find her curled up on the sofa watching her nightly shows like Dateline or reading a book under a lamp peacefully.

I cry in grief for her earthly presence but I know she is in peace again with god. She lives within her children and grandchildren. I know we will meet again.

Rest in joy my angel in heaven, nana banana
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Lord Richard Gestrich

Lovingly memorialized by Ken Nakamura on January 12, 2023

Rest in peace.
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Emmanuel Owaka

Lovingly memorialized by Emmanuel Owaka on January 4, 2023

On 12/26/2022 our beloved Emmanuel Owaka passed away surrounded by his family. We are grateful for the years that we spent together and for the way that he touched our lives. Because of his kind and generous spirit we know that he impacted your life too. In an effort to honor his memory and commemorate his influential life, please leave a reflection or story that accurately depicts all sides of this complex man, husband, father, grandfather.
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linda cummings

Lovingly memorialized by cat cummings on December 27, 2022

WonderWoman is what i have called my mom ever since i was a small child, as my little young eyes watched her singlehandedly perform miraculous acts of endurance and strength.
Most of you know her as Linda Cummings (or maybe Linda-la, Linda-lu, BFF, or dear friend…)
She took her last breath on December 16, 2022.
It wasn’t an easy ride, but (almost unbelievably) she was cracking jokes into her very last days.
In true form, she headed out from here very much on her own terms – hearing the sounds of voices of those she loved dearly, in the comfort and privacy of home, and in the singular moment when nobody was watching.
She never once took off her superhero cape.

Linda was born on July 21, 1956 to Betty and Abraham Isaac Fogel, who loved her very much and made sure she knew it. The majority of Linda’s career consisted of working a variety of roles in a few different banks – but her true career focus was people. She was skilled in all of the banking tasks, and strived to do thorough, accurate work, but it’s as though the subject matter could have been almost anything. What was important to her at the end of each day was whether she had helped people, listened intently, made them to feel taken care of.

To know Linda was to know one of the bravest, strongest, and most courageous people here. My mom challenged family and friends to be authentic, to laugh heartily at dry humor and simple humor, and to be super generous with hugs. To say she was strong is an understatement; she was also gentle, emotionally sensitive, intuitive and very sincere. Linda was impressively considerate and kind, but she also certainly did not suffer any fools. She was generally a quiet and private person, and it was a treat to be brought into her inner world. As a tenacious and loyal person, who valued the skill of listening, she showed us how good friendship can be. The unobtrusive realization might sneak up on you years later that this person in your life was someone you could just always depend on without fail, a person who respected and admired you, and who loved you for exactly who you are – nothing more, nothing less. When she loved you, she loved you completely. She had a quiet and profound effect on the lives of anyone who really knew her.

Linda was in her element when she was shopping! This was firstly fueled by her incredible love language of gift-giving. i mean, dang did she love the hunt of finding a good deal, with discounts on top of discounts, but what she really thrived on was finding the right gift for the right person, and she loved the sense that she had successfully made someone feel known and considered. She was the type of person who gave gifts to my friends the very first time they visited, left gifts for her doctors, the mailman, her coworkers, and people she had never even met.

Linda loved listening to Motown music and big bands, watching old musicals and Hallmark movies, drinking hot cocoa, and spending time with animals – especially dogs. And she loved children. i think she valued the genuineness found in time spent with dogs and children – the lack of social masks, the rawness of more pure connection with other beings. They sensed it, too! When she was nearby, whether it was dogs or cats or her godchildren or any other kiddos – they quickly and easily knew she was a person to trust.

My mom was fiercely dedicated to raising me up. It mattered little what various interests i took, she found a way to be constantly supportive of every single one of them. She gave everything she humanly could, and then some. Filling so very many roles in my life – she filled the spot of two parents as one full-time working woman, bent herself in ways i can barely comprehend, and was one of my closest, bestest friends. She was genuinely proud of me even when i didn’t fully know why. She danced a delicate balance of being my absolute biggest fan, while helping me to stay grounded and to value humility. She taught me the deep and enormous importance of creating family from friendships, and geez, she was truly brilliant at that! In a matter of minutes, she made people feel fully welcomed in as part of her family. It wasn’t only for them, though – it was reciprocal and made her feel honored when people would allow for that closeness.
i wouldn’t be half the person i am without my mom’s nurture and guidance and undying, unquestionable love. Her unconditional love is perhaps what i will unbearably miss the absolute most.
but it is also, of course, what will keep me going.

Linda was preceded in death by her dear father – Abraham Isaac Fogel, her dear brother – Keith Fogel, and many beloved pups – Tawa, Max, Luney, JoeSchmoe (aka Joey), Nuva, Honue, Moose, Catori, and Nizhoni.

We all need a Linda in our corner, and the hole where she once was will be entirely impossible to fill. i hope we can carry her forward and find ways to give thoughtful gifts, tell dry jokes, hug big, listen carefully, be real, and Love each other truly.

(P.S. if you'd like to leave a message, or share a photo or video, i believe you need to create a free account in order for your note to show up.
All the Love…)
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Claudia June Traverson

Lovingly memorialized by Jenette, John, Jim, & Jackie Traverson on November 28, 2022

Claudia June Traverson, 78, of Ventura, CA, passed away peacefully in her sleep on November 19, 2022 .

June was born on July 20, 1944 in Jacksonville, Florida. She met the love of her life John Traverson, and they wed August 4, 1960, going on to have 4 children, Jenette, John, Jim, and Jackie. They were a proud Navy family stationed in various states on the East Coast and West Coast later retiring in Pt. Mugu, California. With her husband John, they retired and purchased a home in Oxnard, California. She was blessed with 4 amazing grandchildren, Rick, Mikaylah, Kristina and Lachelle and 4 beautiful great-grandchildren, Malakai, Ayleine, Von and Ella.

June was passionate about sewing, cooking, loved to go to Antique and Thrift stores, and researching Genealogy. Claudia was predeceased by her husband, John Traverson. She is survived by her brother James Boyett, Sister in law, Charlene Boyett, sisters Terry, Dobie, Karen and her brother Curtis Sowell. She is deeply loved and we will miss her greatly.
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Paul Lathbury

Lovingly memorialized by Abbie Lathbury on November 9, 2022

Paul Stephen Lathbury was born on 26th October 1956. He grew up in Stockingford Nuneaton & lived with his mother Joan & Father Ron & younger brother Robert.

He attended St Paul’s Infant School, Stockingford Junior School, Arbury High School & then Henley Catering College. After finishing college he worked at MIRA in Nuneaton & The Axe & Compass in Wolvey before deciding upon a change of career & being successfully accepted to join Warwickshire Constabulary as a Police Constable. Firstly being stationed in South Warwickshire & then spending the rest of his career within the Bedworth area, being well known & respected as the village Bobby in the village of Bulkington.

Paul has 2 daughters by his first wife Anne - Abigail Victoria (Abbie), born in March 1982 & Charlotte Emma born in September 1984

Alongside his police career, Paul was heavily involved with many local clubs including police crown green bowling, cricket, rugby & fishing teams. He was also an avid wildlife lover both birdwatching & wildlife photography. He was a RSPB member, attended many bird fairs & regularly gave birdwatching or photography talks at local meetings. Paul also loved to travel & enjoyed numerous holidays to exotic locations with his wife Deb after taking early retirement. Paul was also a Chelsea FC fan & Leicester Tigers fan.

Paul will be missed dearly by all who knew him, including his wife Deb, Daughters Abbie & Charlotte, Grandaughter Jessica, brother Robert & many many friends & family members. Paul has been described as a “constant” in peoples lives, a well respected, funny, caring, nature loving all round good guy who lived a fulfilled life.

Rest in Peace Paul
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Elaine Myers

Lovingly memorialized by Cori McWilliams on November 6, 2022

Mary “Elaine” Myers passed away at the age of 88 on Friday, October 21st, 2022 in her beloved home in Spokane, Washington. Born in Far Rockaway, New York to Clara Sarsfield and Thomas Francis Morris, Elaine moved with her mother and siblings to the Spokane area and spent her childhood from age four on the farm of her Irish grandparents on Thorp Road. Her father was quarantined with TB and passed away when Elaine was very young.

A lifelong Spokane resident, Elaine graduated from Marycliff High School in 1952 and received an academic scholarship to Gonzaga University. Vowing never to handle another farm chicken, she went on to become one of the first women to study accounting at Gonzaga and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration before becoming a certified public accountant.

With a passion for numbers and people, Elaine worked tirelessly as an accountant for over 50 years, spearheading a path for women while helping many individuals, families, businesses and charitable organizations. She loved advising her clients and took great satisfaction assisting them with financial decisions. Elaine worked with many clients over generations, and she held a special place in her heart for farmers -- including the Hutterites -- and nonprofit organizations. Elaine was an influential, dedicated and brilliant woman.

Married to former husband Ron Myers in 1967, they built their home the following year on Spokane’s South Hill. Elaine was devoted to her mother Clara and aunt Mary Sarsfield, taking care of them as they aged. She also helped raise stepdaughter Linda Myers and she remained close to the children of her best friend, the late Ellen Raftis Kinzer, whom she considered family.

Elaine was a loyal friend and devoted grandmother. She cherished her longtime friends Elaine and the late Lyle Orness. Her bright blue eyes lit up around babies and children and she loved dogs; especially her poodles Kelly Myers and Sean Morris. She was a very social person. She loved attending celebrations; bringing her famous dill dip and creme brulée to share. She especially loved Christmas, always making sure her loved ones had ample decor. She was forever interested in the lives of the people she loved, always lending an ear and encouraging and inspiring them to work hard and strive for what they wanted in life.

Elaine loved all things Irish. As a girl she would often sing Gaelic hymns with her Irish grandparents. She loved sharing her beautiful soprano voice in the girls' choir and later while attending Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint Augustine. She cultivated a lifetime love for song, music and the arts; including musicals and plays and especially the Spokane Symphony and the Spokane Chamber Music Quartet at the Bing and Fox Theaters.

Elaine was preceded in death by her siblings Clare, Thomas Jr., Patrick and Robert (“Bobby”), her parents Clara and Thomas, and former husband Ronald Myers. She is survived by her sister-in-law Patricia Morris, cousin Bill Wieber, step-daughter Linda Myers, former son in law Robert McWilliams (Debbie) dear friend Elaine Orness, longtime colleague and dear friend Heather Klinke, Bridget (Geoff) Webster, Lisa (Chris) Weber, Kevin Kinzer, Karen Kinzer (Doug Byrd), Mary (Joe) Doohan, Sarah Kinzer (Marco Capra) and grandchildren Cori and Casey McWilliams, along with many nieces and nephews.

A special thank you to all Elaine’s caregivers, especially Hannele Nowak, and to all Elaine’s loved ones who helped care for her in the last years of her life as she struggled with Parkinson’s disease.

In lieu of flowers please consider donating to a nonprofit community organization of your choice or one that Elaine held dear: The Patrick Morris and Elaine Myers Scholarship Fund at Gonzaga University.
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Mary Pate

Lovingly memorialized by Graeme Pate on October 27, 2022

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